Gonulal SERAP
Financial Sector Specialist

World Bank

Serap Gonulal is the Lead Financial Sector Specialist, in the World Bank. Since 2000, when she joined, she has provided technical assistance, published research, and managed projects that enhance insurance market development, regulation and supervisory capacity. In her capacity, Serap has been actively engaged in the coordination and implementation of Insurance regulation/supervision and market development projects, with special focus on advisory services and design of  insurance projects for promoting insurance sector liberalization and closing protection gap for sustainable insurance sector development in different regions Africa ( Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya)  Latin America ( Argentina) , Middle East ( Jordon, Syria, Sudan, Kuwait, Tunisia) East Asia Pacific ( Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam), South Asia ( Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka), Europe ( Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina ) and Central Asia ( Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan) across the Globe.

Mrs. Serap has a distinguished record, both as a financial regulator and supervisor, also as an advocate of financial sector improvements in developing and emerging countries. She plays a leading role in introducing regulatory/supervisory reform and technical reform with special emphasis on the insurance sector. Her work particularly focuses  on developing insurance tools to reach untapped population around the World to provide coverage for their lives and properties to fight against poverty . Key objective in this respect is to assist client countries to build insurance market infrastructure , providing road maps to build regulatory/supervisory capacity, restructuring state insurance companies and products, moving towards Solvency II , by using a risk-based approach, promoting public-private partnership to build insurance markets. She has also been very engaged in insurance market development efforts particularly but not limited to those supporting inclusive insurance markets for untapped population , more effective insurance delivery, efforts to use insurance to improve resilience, and the opportunities from disruptive technology innovations.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Ms. Gonulal worked for the Turkish Treasury , where, among others, she served as permanent delegate in insurance committee in OECD, Acting General Director of Insurance Regulatory and Supervisory Directorate of Turkish Prime Ministry Office, responsible for establishing insurance regulatory supervisory body and formulating strategies for sustainable insurance, close protection gap, developing the insurance market, and setting up mechanism/PPP to transfer the risk management including risk transfer to the private insurance sector.
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