Head of policy department


Dr Manuela Zweimueller is Head of the Policy Department. She is responsible for EIOPA’s regulatory and policy tasks in insurance and pensions. Furthermore, Manuela represents EIOPA in international affairs.

She is a member of the Policy Development Committee (PDC) of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and EIOPA’s alternate representative on the IAIS Executive Committee (ExCo). Key projects under her guidance at EIOPA were the creation of a separate class of infrastructure investments under Solvency II and the policy development of the Pan-European Personal Pensions product (PEPP).

Manuela is currently leading the implementation monitoring of the EU US Covered Agreement from the EU side.

Prior to joining EIOPA in 2011, Manuela worked for more than 15 years in the (re)insurance industry, in various senior management positions and international assignments, such as Managing Director of Munich RE’s Branch Office in Paris, overseeing the Solvency II implementation at ERGO International and chairing the Risk Management Forum of Munich RE’s London entities. She was also responsible for accumulation control and cross-balance sheet Catastrophe scenarios such as pandemic, terrorism and climate-related disasters.

Manuela has extensive experience in sustainable finance from both, an investment and underwriting perspective, and with initiatives aiming to close the protection gap. In 2007, she chaired the Emerging Risks Initiative of the Chief Risk Officers (CRO) Forum. At Allianz, she focussed on industrial business, including innovative technologies such as genetic engineering, green energy and IT-related treats such as identity theft and software attacks.

Manuela holds a PhD in Biochemistry and a Certificate in Economics for Scientists from the University of Hagen.

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