Manager/ PR, Research & Education

Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI)

Hazel King’ori is a communications specialist with over 15 years’ experience in various sectors including ICT, Health NGOs, Retail, Government, and Insurance. She holds a MA (Mass Communications) from University of Leicester and is a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner (CIPR). 

Hazel is currently the Manager- Public Relations, Research and Education at the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI).  

She is responsible for the Association’s corporate communications initiatives where she has led the charge in raising awareness of its digital platforms and demystifying insurance through a long-term campaign and website dubbed    

The digital platforms, mostly supporting motor insurance business, have provided convenient services to thousands of insurance customers.  Kenyan motorists can today receive digital motor insurance certificates from anywhere, they are able to verify their insurance from their mobile phones and can also report motor insurance claims via a mobile application.  

Hazel has overseen several insightful market research and data collection initiatives including customer awareness and satisfaction survey, funeral insurance market survey, retirement preparedness survey, bancassurance survey, Insurance Fraud, Blockchain in Insurance and Gen Z and Insurance. These survey findings serve insurance and re-insurance companies, academic institutions, and other players in the insurance industry.  

Hazel is also championing sustainable insurance initiatives at the Association where she is working with key partners to establish and grow sustainable insurance practices in the Kenyan insurance market.  

Prior to joining the Association, Hazel worked at the Communications Authority of Kenya, Kenya’s ICT regulator. In her capacity as Communications Lead, she coordinated numerous stakeholder engagements. Of particular mention is the role she played in coordinating stakeholder engagement in developing and publishing the National Broadband Strategy that is still guiding the roll out of broadband services in the country.   

She also led national awareness campaigns on migration from analogue to digital TV broadcasting, SIM Card registration and Child Online Protection which is still an ongoing initiative.  

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