Richard LOWE
Founder and CEO


Richard LOWE, 66 years of age, MBA graduate of ESSEC Business School in Paris began his career at the Cameroonian subsidiary of AGF AFRICA (now ALLIANZ) where he worked for 17 years. In 1998, he left AGF Group and founded ACTIVA ASSURANCES which today stands as one of the two major key players on the Cameroonian market. He is the Chairman of ACTIVA Group. Subsidiaries of ACTIVA Group include ACTIVA ASSURANCES and ACTIVA VIE Cameroon, ACTIVA Ghana, ACTIVA Liberia, ACTIVA Sierra Leone, UGAR ACTIVA and ACTIVA VIE in Guinea, the Holding company ACTIVA FINANCES in Mauritius, ACTIVA Europe based in Paris and most recently ACTIVA ASSURANCES DRC and ACTIVA Ivory Coast. It is worthy to note that other expansion projects are scheduled to happen over the next two years. IFC and PROPARCO are shareholders of ACTIVA FINANCES.

The GLOBUS network which was created in 2007 by Richard LOWE is now the first Pan-African Insurance Network present in 48 countries. In 2011, its captive reinsurance known as GLOBUS RE was created; He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of these two companies.

Richard LOWE is Chairman and Board Member of several companies in Africa. He plays tennis and loves getting inspired with fresh ideas from the heights of the West region of Cameroon. He was President of FANAF (Federation of African National Insurance Companies) from 1996 to 2002. He was named “African CEO of the year” in 2018 by the African Insurance Organization of (AIO).

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